The 7 step transformational adventure to slay your inner critic and step into EVERYTHING you set your mind to and MORE!

During these unsettling, overwhelming times, you’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster.  You may have noticed the negative mind chatter running the show more than usual.

Or maybe you are so exhausted that you keep falling asleep on the sofa missing another episode of that box set.

Perhaps you’ve noticed these not-so-helpful thinking patterns creeping in despite your best intentions…

Your self esteem is on the floor and you are seriously fed up with feeling lost and in a low vibe

You’re knackered from overthinking, questioning everything and wondering if you are strong enough to survive and keep your sh*t together for everyone around you

You’ve watched people RISE & SHINE around you and you’re left wondering how the f*ck can they do that? You want to know how they have they bounced back so easily

Your mojo and sense of direction have pretty much deserted you, and you’re struggling to trust any decisions that need to be made in your life

Will you ever be able to overcome all the excuses, stop playing “safe” and turn that negative chatter in your head to find your elusive “purpose”?

You are a prisoner to that voice that goes around and around in a loop in your head, criticizing you and making you feel utterly worthless

I FEEL YOU, I’ve been riding that wave too.  After I lost £10k at the start of lockdown having had to postpone my event with 500 people due to attend, I was paralysed by feelings of not being good enough to come through the other side.  

My self talk was, lets say, less than complementary.  I was triggered by EVERYTHING and should have bought shares in Kleenex.   The sense of loss and lack of purpose froze me in my tracks for weeks.   But in order to come back over this heartbreaking set back – I knew I had to treat myself like one of my clients and bought out the big guns of my transformational energy shifting mindset tools to emerge like a phoenix from the flames. 

I now feel stronger than I’ve ever felt, and I am here to help you turn off your shitty committee, so you can step into the more than enough incredible human that you are.

Welcome to The



7 step transformational adventure to slay your inner critic and step into EVERYTHING you set your mind to and MORE!

How would you like to start achieving things that have always seemed out of reach to you?

I’m here to show you that achieving your dream life is more about mindset than resources. 

Once you’ve got your head in the right place – you’ll be truly AMAZED about what is available for you.

By helping you ditch old stories that have kept you watching from behind the curtains, the MORE THAN ENOUGH™ METHOD will blow you away by helping unlock your true treasure trove of talents and potential.   Centre stage – can be yours!

As you immerse in the MORE THAN ENOUGH™ method developing your own magical transformational toolkit (based around Hypnotherapy + EFT + NLP) your confidence will grow.   You’ll find yourself being able to share your talents without fear of judgement or shame.

As you learn to accept compliments gracefully, you encourage all those around you to shine too.   You’ll feel better prepared to have difficult conversations. You’ll find yourself saying YES, when you’d usually say No, and more importantly; saying NO to things that leave you feeling overwhelmed and drained.

WHOOP WHOOP you’ll be ready for whatever life has in store as you become fearlessly YOU.

By the end of the 7 weeks you feel truly unstoppable.

With the MORE THAN ENOUGH™ METHOD you will feel...

  • MORE resilient
  • MORE motivated
  • MORE clear
  • MORE wholehearted
  • MORE authentic
  • MORE equipped
  • MORE powerful
  • MORE than enough

Imagine finally finding your voice and feeling empowered enough to use it.  Stepping up to share your ideas with heartfelt passion.  

Now that you’ve turned down your inner critic, there’s no stopping you.   Doors open where you never dared to dream possible,  You seem to meet the right people, in the right place at the right time.  And you begin to see that none of this is “just” coincidence after all.

Imagine hearing that internal voice getting all judgey judgey with you or others.   Feel how it feels when you are able to switch the chatter to an accepting, loving frequency that transmits to all those around you?

You’ve activated your self awareness to its highest level so you are now able to support those around you with much patience and kindness (without resentment).

Imagine a calming sense of peace with more clarity that comes from deep within.  Sense how it feels to be more authentic than ever as you clean other people’s graffiti off YOUR wall of life.

With a tool box of transformative techniques at your fingertips you feel fully equipped to navigate the mountains and valleys of life.   You know you can bounce back and turn every set back into a come back.

Imagine your confidence being so super powered that you are constantly shocking yourself yourself at what you are now capable of?

That perfect new job you’ve had your eye on ages is within reach or maybe you are ready to learn the skills to start your ideal business.  Perhaps the words you’ve kept stored in your head magically tumble onto a page ready to send to a publisher.  You make decisions rationally and are able to control emotional hijacking (mostly, we all still have shitty days, right? The thing is now you can pivot out of them quicker!).

Maybe you are simply a MORE grounded, MORE calm woman and that feels MORE awesome. 

Your work is MORE meaningful, you earn MORE and attract MORE wonder into your life.  You have MORE time to spend with your loved ones and have MORE fun all around you.   You discover that life has so much MORE in store for you. 

Your only regret is that you didn’t do this work sooner.

7 Secrets to becoming



  1. Ramp up your confidence – discover what the “more-than-enough-you” will experience

  2. Reveal obstacles – get clear on what beliefs, memories, triggers are in your way

  3. Rediscover your true self – get to know what lights you up? Redefine the new you that oozes ENOUGH-NESS

  4. Recode your mindset – Learn tricks to get you believing anything is possible

  5. Reboot your motivation – Make sure you are using your energy to flow forward

  6. Rewire your subconscious mind – Your transformation accelerates

  7. Radiate as your true authentic self – Step into who you were born to be.  The world is waiting!

7 week



Transformational Programme

1 hour video MORE THAN ENOUGH™ masterclass per week Worth £343

Build your confidence, develop a transformation toolbox, expand your knowledge with a 1 hour recorded Masterclass every week

1 MORE THAN ENOUGH™ Transformational development work sheets Worth £343

Home work to ensure you integrate and recode the conscious learning process deep until it becomes automatic – These weekly tasks are where the deep and lasting change will happen – One set per week

1 MORE THAN ENOUGH™ Group Q&A Coaching call per week Worth £700

Weekly video call to check in with your progress, answer questions and support you with coaching. A constant touch base to ensure you progress through the programme surrounded by expertise from Naomi and the MORE THAN ENOUGH community.  You’ll find learning is accelerated by observing from each other in the group.   Friendships will flourish here.

The MORE THAN ENOUGH™ Community Worth – Priceless

A private Facebook group for lives, Q&As, support, discussion and cheerleading every step of the way. You’ll never feel alone again.

Live MORE THAN ENOUGH™ video Opening & Closing ceremonies Worth £150

Video parties! Getting to know the MORE THAN ENOUGH community – Setting intentions and celebrating successes. We are all in this together and you will feel fully supported.

Total Value £1536.00


£349 One Time Payment


£99 x 4 Monthly Payments

Act quick and receive £1684 of content for just £349

VIP Upgrade

Who doesn’t love an upgrade and some 1-2-1 you time? Designed to help you accelerate your progress - consider this the fast track to your dream life. Nothing will be able to hold you back!

Treat yourself to

  • Self celebration lunch experience with me and other VIPs worth £150
  • And 3 x 60 min 1-2-1 video Hypnotherapy/EFT sessions to dive deep into the thoughts holding you back and designing your ideal future with crystal clear clarity with me to be used by 31st Dec 2020 (Either video or in person when safe to do so) worth £280

£699 One Time Payment


£189 x 4 Monthly Payments

This is for you if ……

You’re ready to become a warrior not a worrier

You’re willing to put down your emotional baggage

You want to find your inner power to be seen and heard MORE

You’ve got a feeling that there must be MORE to life but you just need someone to hold your hand whilst you get brave enough to go for it

You have a desire to radiate confidence and strength so much so that your family & friends start to wonder what you’ve been doing

You are tired of pretending, you’re ready to make big shifts in your mindset

You want to live a life fully embracing your MORE THAN ENOUGH-ness in every aspect

This is NOT for you if ……

If you want to work with me solely one to one. This is a group programme as your transformation will be super-charged by sharing the experience with like-minded women and I believe the support that a group learning environment offers a unique chance for you to carry on growing together even when the program finishes. Some of my best cheerleaders and supporters are women I met when I group trained to be a Hypnobirthing teacher 11 years ago. If you want more individual support then please contact me about alternative ways of working together.

If you are 100% happy and content with your life right now. Then big hugs and massive respect for nailing it. The MORE THAN ENOUGH™ method definitely isn’t for you.

Want business coaching. This method is all about rewiring your mindset to get you feeling unstoppable. Business start-up will be another course, another time.

If you can't commit to 2 hours per week for 7 weeks. The MORE you put into MORE THAN ENOUGH™ the MORE you’ll get out of it. You should aim to clear the decks for a min of 2 hours per week - that’s 17 mins a day to commit to your transformation. I know that life “happens” so you do get life-time access to the course content. But the best results will come from playing along LIVE every week.


The MORE THAN ENOUGH method is a self-led,  forward focused group coaching programme.    The weekly tasks and challenges will be conducted by yourself in your home environment.   If your limiting beliefs stem from big real life trauma please contact me before enrolling so that we can access together what level of support I can offer you.   Some add on one to one sessions could be advisable in this scenario.

The weekly videos are pre recorded and will be posted every Monday morning.  Ideally one to be watched per week. 

Should you not be able to make some or all of the LIVE  coaching Q&A sessions then please submit your questions via email before the call and I will answer on the LIVE Video coaching call which will always be recorded and saved into the group for you to refer to in future.

For the seven weeks of the programme I will aim to answer any questions in the private Facebook group within 24 hours Mon – Fri – Allow a little longer at weekend.

I will be offering spot-light coaching on the weekly Q&A Live Calls by asking you to pre-submit your questions before-hand in the Facebook group.

VIP’s get 3 one to one sessions (60 to 90 mins each depending on the level of support you need) which could include personalised Hypnotherapy & EFT to help you accelerate your progress plus access to Naomi and other VIPs at our finale lunch to really be able to ask me anything!


Opening ceremony – Tuesday 23rd June 8.30pm to 9.30pm

Seven weekly MASTERCLASS videos dropped EVERY MONDAY morning into private Facebook group from Monday 22nd June to Monday 3rd Aug – to be watched at your own pace every week

Seven coaching Q&A group video calls EVERY THURSDAY from 25th June to 13th August

Closing Ceremony – Tuesday 11th August 8.30pm to 9.30pm

I’m Naomi Newland, professional change maker, obsessed by house plants and dangly earrings and mother of three.  I’ve spent over a decade helping women smash through their limiting beliefs to leap wholeheartedly into lives they truly love.

From helping women shout “I love this” whilst birthing their babies to founding the world’s first women’s wellness festival with the purpose of positively impacting emotional health, I feel deeply grateful that i’ve learnt to work with my raging inner critic, crush my “not good enough” feelings and perfect my “feel the fear and do it anyway’ attitude

I’ve become an expert plate-spinner over the past decade, raising three little humans whilst building multiple women’s wellness businesses.

From Hypnobirthing, to BabyCalming & ToddlerCalming,  Pregnancy events to finally signing up for my dream course to become a Hypnotherapist, Solution Focused Psychotherapist & EFT practitioner and going onto to create RESTFEST Women’s Wellness Festival,  i’ve worked with over 5000 people in that time, mostly women, helping them understand how science combined with practical tools will help them grow to feel MORE empowered and MORE inspired.  MORE positive births,  MORE positive parenting, MORE empowered wellness.

I truly believe If one woman can, any woman can.  And it’s my greatest honour to invite others along for a slice of this action.   My mission in life is to ensure no woman’s treasure trove of potential goes unnoticed, undiscovered and untapped into.   We all have some talent to share with the world.

Do you feel some fire in your belly reading this?  Have you felt a stirring in your soul?  A tingling in your hands or feet? Then you are ready for your next step….. Feeling “GOOD ENOUGH” to go for it??

Head over to HERE to start the transformation of your life!