Happy and fulfilled worthing


You may or may not of heard of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping)

But something has led you to be curious about its benefits

EFT is a recipe of tapping a series of energy points on the head, upper body and hands with a specific routine using carefully crafted words to focus in on the underlying emotion.

I must admit I was sceptical the first time I heard about it as it seemed too “woo” even for me.  My tutor quickly recognised my resistance and worked through it until after a few minutes of tapping, I’d identified and released some very old buried feelings and felt so much lighter within a few rounds.

Its effectiveness is quite startling. When I observe the emotional energy shift and release, my client’s whole body language changes…. sometimes they can’t quite believe it either!

When we experience a high emotive state our bodies store this energetically.   Gentle stimulation of specific meridian points whilst using therapeutic talking, releases this pressure in the nervous system as well as rewiring the brain so that the way you think, feel and act is different.

Think of it like acupuncture without needles for your emotional wellbeing.

EFT can help you be free from your pain and struggle.

I love combining the powerful benefits of EFT with Hypnotherapy in my sessions, it’s a winning combination for fast results.

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