Are you…

…Overwhelmed and under fulfilled?

…Feeling stuck in a rut?

…Fed up of your inner-critic convincing you that you aren’t good enough?

…Sick of your over-active imagination catastrophizing every scenario

…Simply wishing that you could be more like more like your old self and not care what everyone else thinks?

I get it.   I see many clients who feel like they are losing the plot or so sick of feeling out-of-control of their behaviours.   Their logical minds know what to do but they keep getting highjacked by their emotional responses.

I’ve got a sympathetic ear and a comfy chair.  A safe place for you to share whats bothering you.   All you need to do is tell me about it.

I untangle your words, stories and beliefs to find solutions that can change your unhelpful thinking habits.

You get to offload, I listen and reflect back to help you see your “challenge” in a new light.   I then use a combination of techniques from my tool kit – Hypnotherapy,  Solution focused Psychotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom techniques / Tapping) to get you moving towards your goals quickly.

You can then enjoy sitting back and being transported to a place of deep relaxation.  Where I support you re-patterning your subconscious mind with effective change suggestions.   I don’t use scripts.  You are paying for a personalised bespoke experience that will see you reaching your desired outcome more effectively.

From Hypnobirthing, to workshops, to 1:2:1 appointments, over a thousand people have benefited from my experience and knowlege over the past 9 years.

If you are at the point where you need to do something differently, then seek support from someone who really cares.     Give me a call (I’m old skool and love to talk!) so we can figure out if I am the right therapist to get you unstuck.

Find out more the techniques I use

What my amazing clients say

I went to see Naomi at Uflourish when, in my late 30’s, I became aware that my fear of risk was getting worse. I had always been quite sporty and I love going skiing but from the age of about 35 I noticed that I was doing less and less skiing and not pushing myself. This wasn’t just in sports but it was most noticeable there. I talked to her about it and she was understanding and had loads of tools to help me. I have now had a couple of sessions with Naomi where we focussed on fear of risk and fear of getting hurt. It has been really amazing to see the difference in my attitude. I went skiing a week after my last session. I felt confident and able to do it. It didn’t even feel like I was pushing myself beyond my boundaries it felt like the boundaries had evaporated. I felt totally safe with my body and mind. I did lots of jumps and black runs which I have not attempted since I was a kid! The freeing feeling of being confident and having less to no fear was amazing and it made this whole experience so much better for me. I have now noticed that this kind of confidence is creeping in to my everyday life. It is amazing. I totally recommend Naomi as a therapist she can work wonders.
Chocolatier and Mother
Before I went for 1-2-1 hypnotherapy with Naomi I had a massive dark cloud over me and was really struggling to find reasons to continue loving to live. I had lost my dad, my best friend, and everything hurt. I cried all the time, was very angry, depressed and nothing seemed in colour anymore. After 1 session I left without the cloud, more positive about life and as I walked home I actually had my happy dancing song playing in my head. I still have sad days, but they are few and far between and not destroying me. Naomi helped me acknowledge that I miss him still which I now know is perfectly normal and will not go away because I loved him so much. I can't thank Naomi enough.
Writer and Mother
When I first went to see Naomi I was suffering with depression. It had been building up gradually following the birth of my second child, but then came on very suddenly and took me unawares. I'd been in a job for over 9 years which I was very unhappy in, and although I did my job very well, I'd lost all self belief. I wanted to change jobs, but I was so critical of myself I couldn't even get the confidence to complete a job application. My anxiety peaked and I was finding it hard to get out of the house, I was cancelling plans even with the closest of friends. I went to Naomi and she immediately made me feel safe enough to open up. The sessions I did with her were incredible. She helped me with the confidence to apply for a couple of jobs, and I promptly got two interviews that both went brilliantly. I felt my confidence building, however when I was offered one of the jobs I struggled with the confidence to accept. Naomi focused on helping me believe in myself, she challenged the little nagging voice in my head that was telling me I couldn't do things and replaced it with the belief that I could. My Hypnotherapy sessions helped me accept a job and along with it my confidence & happiness grew.
I.T Project Manager and Mother
“I had a bad experience when having a blood test some time ago, which had left me feeling anxious when confronted with needles. Naomi was extremely kind and she seemed to completely understand my fear around what seemed to be a simple procedure for some. After just one session I was able to attend my surgery and have vaccinations for a forthcoming holiday with ease. I cannot thank Naomi enough for helping me to overcome this phobia.”
Estate Agent

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