I offer my appointments from my cosy, private, comfortable home.  I prefer to work in this environment as it important that you can relax and feel able to talk to talk.   My fabulous teal sofa enables everyone to do this with ease.

I live near the Thomas A Becket Pub in Worthing, West Sussex.

You’ll also be wondering “How many sessions will I need?”  

Swiftly followed by  “The price”

I hope you’ll see that I offer a sound investment opportunity for your future happiness and well-being.

There’s no one-size fits all approach.   It’s different for each individual.

I recommend that all my clients begin with two sessions.  One 90-120 min appointment followed by another 60-90 minute appointment as a follow-up with further therapy.

We can assess your progress after these two sessions.   For straight forward issues, this is often enough to achieve the client’s goals.

After these appointments, if you feel you’d like to delve deeper and resolve further unhelpful patterns or behaviours then you can choose to either pay for the sessions as-you-go or pre-purchase a package to benefit from the best value.

You can proceed and book your initial consultation with me today.    

Or arrange a free clarity call to check that I am the right therapist for you.