I’m Naomi, the founder of uflourish.   I’m a Hypnobirthing specialist and a positive birth / confidence coach.

I’ve used Hypnobirthing techniques, taught Hypnobirthing techniques and supported women birthing using Hypnobirthing techniques.   I’ve literally got the T-shirt too!

I believe that I’m one of Sussex’s most passionate and experienced Hypnobirthing teachers.  

By proactively preparing with me for a more positive birthing day, you’ll benefit from my 8 years of dedication to deepening my Hypnobirthing knowledge.  I used to work as Hypnobirth  Worthing.

I’ve supported 1000’s of local people just like you to get ready for a calm and confident birth and parenting experience.   I always put my customers first.

I care deeply about your birthing experience.  I want all women to look back on the day they met their baby, full of love, respect and admiration for themselves. 

Women carry their birthing day with them for their lifetime.    I love to empower women to make sure that their birthing memories are happy ones.

I’ve worked closely with the local NHS trust providing Hypnobirthing training for Midwives and 100 Hypnobirthing books to Worthing Hospital in 2015. I’m always on a mission to dispel misconceptions about Hypnobirthing so I’m often seen local press championing positive birth.

I’m also a Solution focused Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist so I can easily tailor the right tools to suit your individual needs.  This means I can give you exactly what you need from your Hypnobirthing experience rather than just reading scripts for you.

My lessons are light hearted and fun.   I specialise in working with sceptical customers (usually at least one person in the room is dubious to begin with!)

I also have great experience and success in helping couples prepare for a positive healing birthing after difficult / traumatic first births.

I am so passionate about Hypnobirthing as I want every woman to discover how this approach will really make a positive difference to her adventures in parenting.    I know as it’s completely transformed me & my life.    It can work for you too.

Have a read up of the amazing Hypnobirthing stories from parents I have worked with over the years.  I’d love to add yours to the collection of happy memories.

Hypnobirthing Testimonial

We loved our Hypnobirthing lessons with Naomi. She is warm, thoughtful and genuinely gave a shit! She made my partner and I feel comfortable for who we were and listened rather than judged. She was so so flexible and patient. We really felt like she cared about us as a family and wanted the best for us, rather than just seeing us as a job which meant so much. Plus she’s pretty funny, so that helps!

Anna, Mother of three

Hypnobirthing Testimonial

My husband and I really enjoyed Naomi’s Hypnobirthing course. The course was well structured and Naomi delivered it really well and she cared how we got on. Naomi made sure we were comfortable with everything before letting us leave. We had a more tricky birth but all she taught us has actually resulted in a positive birth and we had a really magical time and it was so nice for Vince to 'have a part' in the process. So when we were expecting our second baby Vince was very quick at saying, "you will ask Naomi to do a refresher won't you?!!" So we did, loved it and Freddy had an 'amazing' arrival! (we were so chilled out he nearly arrived in the car park)

Jane, Mother of two