Having taught Hypnobirthing for over 8 years now – I know that there are a lot of misconceptions out there about Hypnobirthing! Hopefully I can put you straight and educate you what Hypnobirthing really is and how it can hugely change the way you prepare for your birth and the way that you will manage your labour and birthing experience.

Hypnobirthing is a complete 12-hour birth preparation class that fully prepares you for birth with the knowledge and confidence you need to birth calmly and gently. It focuses on deep relaxation, working with the body, working with the birthing instincts, releasing fear, and replacing it with confidence and trust in the birth process.

With Hypnobirthing, you’ll have the knowledge to make confident decisions with your labour options.

Hypnobirthing will prepare you with the knowledge that it is possible to birth confidently and comfortably.

While other methods will teach you how to cope with and manage pain; Hypnobirthing provides you with the information needed to feel relaxed and ready to allow your body to birth in the manner it was designed to.

When you understand that pain associated with labour is caused by constrictor hormones, created by fear, you learn, instead, to release fear thus creating endorphins—the feel-good hormones.   I use Hypnotherapy techniques to ensure that you work through all your worries and scary horror stories to allow you to prepare positively for a more comfortable, calmer birth.

Rather than exhausting, shallow breathing and the distraction techniques of typical antenatal programs, you’ll learn deep abdominal breathing and total relaxation, enabling you to work in harmony with your body and your baby.  

Great news as this sometimes helps mothers have quicker, easier births.

You might!  Some ladies I have worked with have achieved just that.  However, keeping it real…. Hypnobirthing is not a miracle pill!

I can’t and don’t guarantee that you’ll have a drug-free, zen, comfortable water birth at home (although it’s totally possible as Naomi and 1000’s of Hypnobirthing mothers have experienced – read about that here – link) but it really does stack the odds in your favour of having a normal, vaginal birth. 

But even if you are planning a different type of birth, that’s totally cool too and our Hypnobirthing techniques make a big difference to all birth preparation.  Whatever type of birth you are dreaming of, it’s essential that you can switch on a deep level of relaxation to keep you and your baby calm. A skill that you’ll find super valuable in your parenting adventures too.  It’s not just about birth with uflourish!

A few women that I have worked with have had such comfortable births that they claim were pain-free.    However, I know that this is high bar to achieve so I like to keep it real and provide you with a range of concepts and techniques to explore to avoid any disappointment when those surges kick in!

Hypnobirthing is a great informal way for birthing partners to learn what to expect and how they can be useful on the day.   There’s nothing worse than a partner panicking like a rabbit in headlights and just getting in the way. (Trust me – that was my hubby first time round before births 2&3!)  One of the things that birthing partners love about Hypnobirthing is the way they can get involved during the last weeks of pregnancy and play a key role in supporting their loved one on the big birthing day making a Hypnobirth really feel like team work.

I know that partners can be dubious! It all sounds too good to be true but I’ve worked with 100’s of partners like this over the years and they all went on to embrace the tools and techniques.   I explain Hypnobirthing techniques using sports analogies and psychology that you can’t dispute!

If they really don’t want to support you then you are welcome to bring along an alternative birthing partner instead.   Sisters, mums or best friends. Someone who can practise alongside you.  Be your cheerleader and nurture you on the day.

The Birth Partner is a key part of the Hypnobirthing experience.

He or she practices with the mother in helping to prepare for deep relaxation during the pregnancy.

During labour the Birth Partner guides the labouring mother through hypnosis prompts, relaxation techniques, deepening methods, and visualizations, provides comfort measures, putting all that you’ve practised together into play.   Think of them as a well-trained positive birth coach – I will share all my experience and top tips with them so that you are supremely supported on your birthing day – this is will make a massive difference to your relaxation levels, knowing that your birthing partner is fully prepared to help you.

Over the years, I’ve gained experience in several Hypnobirthing methods.   I used the American Mongan Method for my own births and early years of teaching but found that approach to be rigid and too much focus on natural vaginal births, often leaving women disappointed.

I taught the Katherine Graves way for many years to be in line with Worthing & St Richards Hospital.  This gave me a wide range of ideas, tools & concepts to draw on but since I have gained a diploma in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy and a much more thorough understanding how our how our brains work I am currently proud to teach the acclaimed Calm Birth School method.   The materials offered with this course are of a far more effective quality.

It’s modern and suits the more forward thinking professional women.    It’s more flexible to suit whatever types of birth women are planning.  The Hypnotherapy element is of an excellent standard and has been composed to offer successful change in the way women view birth.   It comes with 6 x MP3’s and I use licenced videos of real women using Hypnobirthing techniques (you can’t find these on you tube) to bring her classes to life. 

Naomi also includes an additional 2 hours of time across her course to ensure that couples have plenty of opportunity to ask questions, be confident in using all the practical techniques and have time to talk about the transition into parenting whilst sharing baby calming techniques to ensure parents are fully prepared for their adventures ahead.

The midwives at Western Sussex Hospitals (Worthing & St Richards) are massive fans of Hypnobirthing.   I provided training for 100 midwives in 2015 to help them better understand the techniques and theories behind Hypnobirthing and many Midwives have since trained themselves as Hypnobirthing practitioners as they love the benefits that they witness.

Hypnobirthing makes their jobs easier as Hypnobirthing mamas are well prepared and equipped for their experiences rather than having to learn on the job, as such!

The feedback that I get from my midwife colleagues is that they love supporting Hypnobirthing couples – they too want you to have a positive happy experience.

They know that Hypnobirthing reduces the risks of more interventional and surgical births.

Why wouldn’t they want you to have a more comfortable calmer experience?

Absolutely. Hypnobirthing classes will help you to learn relaxation skills that will be useful to both you and your baby, regardless of your birth experience.

If medical intervention is needed, you’ll find yourself better able to remain calm and in control.

Mothers who have needed scheduled caesareans report that they were totally relaxed before, during and after the procedure. Many report that they needed little or no medication following the birth, and they could return to normal functioning in a very short period of time.

You’re very conscious during self-hypnosis!  I know a lot of women worry that they’ll be “out of it” during their birth but quite the opposite is true.

You’ll be deeply relaxed, but also an active participant in the labour process. Although you will be super calm, you will be totally aware and may return to a conversant state or choose to become more mobile whenever you desire.

You might experience time distortion and you might find that you aren’t are distracted by other people or their birthing environment, as focus on birthing your baby.

Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxed concentration and focus. What you experience with Hypnobirthing is like daydreaming or focusing that occurs when you are engrossed in a book, staring at a fire, or are driving a car.

You will be fully in control and able to carry on normal conversation. You can remain in touch with the instruction, encouragement and support of your birthing partner. You will be aware of your surges (contractions), but you will feel relaxed and calm.

Of course.  This is an option for many mothers and some have great births using this easy method.   However, it’s a risk as you won’t know until afterwards if this will work for you or not!

You will gain so much more from attending classes and really embedding the techniques with me as your positive birth coach.   Attending Hypnobirthing classes will hugely increase the effectiveness of the tools and you can really embed them into your everyday life with my encouragement.

For me, the money I spent on Hypnobirthing classes was the wisest choice I’ve ever made.   I honestly don’t believe I would have taken on board to the lessons so successfully without the guidance of my Hypnobirthing teacher back in 2009 – she improved my entire outlook and mind-set about life!

I know that having a baby is a super expensive time – I’ve been there three times!  I’ve also learnt that a lot of the expense and outlay is totally un-necessary too.   You really don’t need EVERYTHING in the Mothercare catalogue!

If your reduced income on Maternity leave is still giving you nightmares – please contact me in complete confidence to discuss payment plans etc.

Financial status really shouldn’t be a barrier to you accessing these essential birthing skills.  If you have a genuine case – let’s talk about it.  Call me on 07717 842448 to find a solution.

Not at all.  

Many couples come to me wishing they’d done Hypnobirthing for their first birth having experienced a traumatic time.

I’ve worked with 2nd, 3rd and even 4th pregnancies and births.

I have a lot of skills and techniques that I use to overcome trauma and help you prepare for a more positive birth should you have not had a great previous birth.

Even if your earlier births were straightforward, Hypnobirthing can help you take your experience to the next level.  Sometimes even orgasmic! Now theres a bar to reach!

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Thank you Naomi for introducing me to Hypnobirthing. I benefited hugely in preparation for our second baby after a difficult, uncomfortable first birth. I learnt so much about my body and labour that I wasn’t aware of first time. I was able to have a calm, comfortable, quick home birth despite Oliver being in a breech position (which was un-detected in my pregnancy) I count my blessings that I was full of trust and confidence after our lessons as I was able to continue using all my Hypnobirthing breathing and relaxation techniques despite the midwives arriving in a panicked state. The feeling of physical wellbeing was of massive contrast to how I felt after my first baby. I wouldn’t change a thing about my birth and encourage all women to use Hypnobirthing training.
Veterinary Nurse and mother of 2