How will Hypnobirthing help me?

Hypnobirthing will empower you to feel more in control of your birthing experience.

Hypnobirthing will prepare you for a positive birthing experience whatever kind of birth you hope for.

Hypnobirthing will teach you a tool box of practical techniques to help you stay calm & relaxed during your pregnancy, birth and early parenting adventures.

Hypnobirthing will upskill your partner so they can be useful and confident on your birthing day.

Hypnobirthing will educate you about your options for your birth so you feel prepared and organised.

Hypnobirthing will ensure that you do not have any regrets when you look back on your baby’s birthday every year.   You’ll recall the most important meeting of your life knowing that you totally rocked it.

Hypnobirthing will allow you to access instant and deep relaxation that will produce happy hormones which will also benefit your baby.  Many Hypnobirthing parents can’t believe how chilled, well adjusted and sleepy their Hypno-baby is.   It’s thought to be due to the increased levels of relaxation in pregnancy.

Hypnobirthing will put you back in charge of your birth!

What will you learn from Hypnobirthing? 

  • POWERFUL relaxation techniques
  • How you can reduce the FEAR – TENSION – PAIN response
  • The role of your NATURAL BIRTHING HORMONES and how you can use these to your advantage
  • Why getting your HEAD IN THE RIGHT PLACE will make a huge difference to your Pregnancy, Labour and Birth
  • Why ANXIETY & WORRY upsets the birth plan
  • How to LET GO OF FEAR to prepare positivily for your birth
  • What you CAN CONTROL surrounding your birth and what you can let go of
  • KNOWLEDGE about calmer, more confidence labour and birth
  • Learn what happens to your BODY AND BRAIN in birth
  • How your PARTNER CAN BE USEFUL and be a Hypnobirthing SUPER HERO to support your positive birth
  • How to communicate your BIRTH PREFERENCES
  • Tons of TOP TIPS to help you totally ROCK YOUR HYPNOBIRTH
  • Plus as a cheeky bonus – I also share my top BABY CALMING TECHNIQUES which will help you to feel fully prepared for parenting!

Is Hypnobirthing for me?

If you want an empowering, positive birth experience like you deserve then YES – don’t hesitate to call me or book straight in.

If you would like to calm your nerves and insecurities and need some heart-centred support to do so then please give me a call on 07717 842448 to see how I can help you. Do you want to give your baby the best start and give your birth your best shot?  YES YES YES? Whizz over to check out the Investment and Course Dates

You’ve absolutely nothing to lose!  I know it sounds too good to be true!

I’m so sure you’ll love it, I’m happy to guarantee it.   If you are sceptical,  book onto a group course and if you don’t enjoy the first 3-hour session then I am happy to give you a full refund.