Saturday, January 20 th, 2018

Visitors FAQs

What is the venue full address?

  •  Portsmouth Marriot Hotel, Southampton Rd, Portsmouth, PO6 4SH

How do I get free entry?

How do I book a FREE workshop or FREE seminar?

  • More news coming soon.

Can I feed / change my baby at the event?

  • Yes – there will be plenty of space to feed your baby in the café facilities at the hotel. Baby changing facilities are only available in the women’s toilets opposite the reception desk in the main foyer.

Can I park at the event?

  • Yes – please ignore the car park signs requesting you pay. All visitors will have free parking, you need to put your number plate details into a small machine on the left hand side of the entrance hall close to the event check in area. It is FREE parking for everyone despite all of the notices in the carpark.

Can I have details about having a stall at the event?

  • Please see exhibitors FAQ page.

Is there room for buggies at the event?

  • There is a small buggy park area but space is limited. We do allow buggies but would prefer if couples have slings available, we would request that they use slings to ease congestion. We will have a sling library on site which would happily help with safe sling advice and fitting and you can borrow a sling for the duration of the event.

Is Everything free at the event?

  •  The majority of our attractions are free:
    • 100 free goody bags for the first 100 guests
    • A variety of helpful workshops
    • Entrance
    • Parking
  •  Payable attractions are:
    • Bump painting – £35
    • Pop up photo studio – from £30
    • 2 hr first aid course for babies and children – £25

Is there a cashpoint on site?

  • Yes there is a cash point on site but it does make a small charge. The nearest free cashpoint is at Tesco’s which is 5 mins away.